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Parking Policy
Posted on Sep 14th, 2017

The Parking Policy requires each unit owner to register his/her vehicle(s) with our property management company (Heritage). Unit owners can register up to four vehicles per unit and will receive a numbered decal which is to be placed on the inside windshield of each vehicle. These decals will help us keep track of who is parking in our neighborhood, legally or illegally, and will allow us to take appropriate actions if required. 
Heritage will supply each unit owner with a form to register their vehicles. The forms are to be filled out and returned to Heritage. After receiving the completed form, Heritage will then mail one or more parking decals, plus a Visitor Permit to each unit. The parking decals must be permanently attached to the inside lower left corner of the vehicle windshield. The Visitor Permit can be used for your guests who are staying at your unit for more than four consecutive days. Lost Visitor Permits can be replaced for a fee of $20 per permit.
If a unit owner is renting his/her unit, the unit owner will be responsible for obtaining the parking decal(s) for the renter(s). The unit owner will also be responsible for making sure the renter(s) adhere to the Parking Policy.
Another important element of the Parking Policy is that of “curbside parking”. We encourage you to review the parking rules in your neighborhood covenant documents (Section 4. page 12 Vehicles/Parking – for the Master Association, and Section (j) page 25 for the Condo Association) which can be found on our website (www.ivywalkhoa.com). These rules clearly spell out the requirement to park in your garage first, then in your driveway, and then on the street if necessary (ie after your other parking spaces are filled). At some point in the future we will begin enforcing this rule since there are times when all curbside spaces are filled by residents and visitors. Also note that the curbside space in front of your unit is not assigned to you and may be used by any permitted resident or guest. However, the above stated priority still stands (first garage, then driveway, then curbside).
Our goal is not to “hassle” residents, but to provide a well managed, safe neighborhood with ample parking for all residents and guests. We all believe that the new Parking Policy is the best way to do this. We look forward to your cooperation in this new effort and welcome your feedback. Feel free to send your thoughts and comments to board@ivywalkhoa.com.