The Parking Policy requires each unit owner to register their vehicles with our property management company (Heritage). Unit owners may register up to four vehicles per unit and will receive a numbered decal which is to be placed on the inside windshield of each vehicle. To register your vehicles, email Heritage Property:

The parking decals should be attached to the inside upper left corner of the vehicle windshield. If you are having a visitor parking here, contact us for a visitor's permit:

If a unit owner is renting his/her unit, the unit owner will be responsible for obtaining the parking decals for the renters. The unit owner will also be responsible for ensuring that renters adhere to the Parking Policy.

An important element of the Parking Policy is that of “curbside parking”.  Residents are required to park in their garage(s) first, then in their driveway, and only then on the street if necessary (i.e., after your other parking spaces are filled) but only for a period not to exceed 4 hours. This rule will be strictly enforced.