Trash and Recycling

Ivy Walk contracts with Custom Disposal for our weekly trash pickup.   Trash is scheduled for pick-up every Wednesday morning (with exceptions during holidays).  Please place your trash cans out no earlier than Tuesday afternoon and make sure your can is returned to your garage by Wednesday evening.  Contact Custom Disposal directly to set up your delivery and billing. 

Custom Disposal also offers curbside recycling. With this option, you receive stackable bins, or rolling carts, of your choice, for your recyclables.  The recycling trucks come to the community every other week on your regular garbage collection day.  You can read more about the materials accepted for recycling here.

If you want to recycle even more stuff there's the City of Smyrna Recycling Center.  They are located at 3475 Lake Drive, Smyrna Ga 30082.  It's less than 10 minutes away from the One Ivy Walk Community.  The Smyrna Recycling Center is an awesome place which takes lots of different materials.  In addition to the things that Custom Disposal takes the Smyrna Recycling Center will take glass, anti-freeze, motor oil, cooking oil, vehicle batteries (lead acid), rechargeable batteries, cell phones, Christmas lights, all types of electronics like PCs, printers, TVs etc.  (TVs require a $20 fee and computer monitors cost $10)  They will take appliances like washers, dryers, stoves, etc. fluorescent bulbs both CFL and regular tubes. They will even take your old American flag and dispose of it in the proper ceremonial method which the VFW describes.  This isn't a complete list by any means.  Be sure to check out their site for the complete list.  You'll be surprised, there are many more things that can be recycled with just a little bit of effort.

Note, neither of our recycling options will take Styrofoam containers.  Fortunately, many local grocery stores will take food quality containers like meat trays, take out food trays and cups.