Helpful Information for New Residents
Helpful Information for New Residents at One Ivy Walk
  • One Ivy Walk properties are subject to the governing documents of the Ivy Walk Condo Association and the Ivy Walk Townhome Association
  • The Association Insurance Policy covers buildings, attachments, and common areas, but not personal contents inside a Unit
  • There are several incidental items that should be obtained by the new resident from Heritage Property Management, located at 500 Sugar Mill Road, Suite 200B, Atlanta, GA 30350 (770) 451-8171
    • Key Fob (s) Opens Entry Gates
    • Key Card (s) Opens Pool Gate, Fitness Center Door
    • A Personal Entry Code for the neighborhood gates 
    • Codes for the Pedestrian Gates; one on the Atlanta Road side of the community and one on the Cumberland Parkway side
    • Register with Custom Disposal to garbage and recycling pickup or you can call them at 770-977-2788
    • Signup with Yes Energy Management for your water and wastewater needs
    • Register on the Heritage Vantaca website to receive important announcements and see the status of your monthly HOA billing  
    • Register on the Ivy Walk website for important information about the neighborhood, HOA meetings and governing documents, Social Committee activities, etc.  
Brief Overview about Parking Rules, Satellite Dishes, and Pet Policy
  • New residents should:
    • Read and understand the parking guidelines
    • Be sure to register your vehicles for parking stickers;  this is especially important if you have more vehicles than will fit into your garage
  • Homeowner vehicles shall not park on any street within the Neighborhood.  Vehicles shall be parked in garage spaces first.  
    • If more vehicles are owned than garage space is available, vehicles may be parked in the driveway
    • Homeowners may temporarily park (four hours or less) in “Guest Parking” on the street, if not a nuisance to neighbors or an impediment to traffic flow
  • Satellite Dishes are allowed but no transmission antennas or satellite dishes of any kind, and no direct broadcast satellite (DBS) antennas or multi-channel, multi-point distribution service (MMDS) antennas larger than one (1) meter in diameter, shall be placed, allowed, or maintained upon any portion of the Neighborhood, including any Lot, without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors. 
Cobb County Pet Ordinances and Ivy Walk Pet Rules
Ivy Walk Neighborhood-Declaration and Pet Policy 
  • Pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, etc., are acceptable as long as they do not go against any local or state laws governing domestic pets.  Potbellied pigs, livestock, and/or poultry are not allowed.  Pets considered dangerous or vicious will NOT be allowed.
  • All pets must have proper vaccinations and licenses
  • Pets shall be restrained on a leash at all times, when outside a unit, and must be accompanied by the pet owner or obligated adult.  Pets are not permitted be to unattended or tied up in the Common Area at any time
  • Pet owners must immediately clean up after their pet and dispose of the pet waste in appropriate receptacles
  • Patios, decks, balconies, and courtyards shall not be used as animal control areas.  Any pet that is determined to be, in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, an unreasonable nuisance to the neighborhood due to excessive noise or odor, shall be subject to removal from the neighborhood.  Outdoor pet houses are not allowed
  • Pet owners are responsible for any damage to Common Areas that are caused by their pet(s).  Any necessary repairs shall be made by the Association and assessed to the homeowner
  • There are several pet designated areas throughout the neighborhood.  Please make use of those areas for your pets