Buying at One Ivy Walk
  • One Ivy Walk properties are subject to the governing documents of One Ivy Walk, and also to the governing documents of one of the two sub-associations (depending on which type of property).  Before purchasing or renting, you may wish to review both sets of governing documents.
  • A prudent buyer may also wish to review the financial health of the sub-association, and also of the neighborhood association, before buying into them. Financial statements for the neighborhood and each sub-association can be obtained from the respective property management contacts.
  • Many mortgage lenders require proof of property insurance, usually a “Certificate of Insurance”. Read the Insurance Certificate Information page in this section for details on obtaining a certificate of insurance.
  • Property insurance provided by a sub-association is intended primarily to protect the association. The sub-association policy does cover some of the risks of a homeowner, but there are important limits, and high deductible amounts. Both owners and renters will need to obtain individual policies to achieve typical levels of home insurance protection. Read the Insurance Policy Information page in this section to learn more about insuring your home at One Ivy Walk.
  • There are a number of incidental items that the new owner or renter after the closing:
    • Gate entry fobs
    • Grey fob(s) Opens pool gates, fitness center doors, and Manor main entrance door.
    • You should receive a personal entry code for the neighborhood gates and, for the Manor residents, your building front door. You can and should change these codes.